Friday, February 23rd


At his "state of the state" address, Gov. Scott Walker spoke of his plan to control health insurance premium increases. WisconsinEye

The Wisconsin state Capitol in Madison.(Photo: Associated Press)

MADISON - Lawmakers Tuesday approved Gov. Scott Walker's plan to hold down Obamacare premiums but left for another day how to pay for the $200 million proposal.  

The Joint Finance Committee also ordered the Walker administration to study bringing back Wisconsin's high-risk insurance pool, which was phased out after the passage of the federal Affordable Care Act. 

Conservatives in Congress and the Legislature have sought to bring back programs like Wisconsin's former Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan, known as HIRSP, as a way to jettison the current ACA requirement that insurers cover consumers with expensive pre-existing conditions. 

On near party-line votes, Republicans on the budget committee amended and approved Senate Bill 770, which calls for using a mix of federal and state dollars to hold down premium increases for insurance sold directly to individuals and families under the Affordable Care Act.