Friday, February 23rd

Paul Nehlen(Photo: Scott Bauer, Associated Press)

Wisconsin Republicans collectively said Tuesday that they'd had it with the primary challenger to House Speaker Paul Ryan, saying Paul Nehlen is a racist who doesn't belong in the GOP. 

Republican county offices are returning or donating to charity dues received from Nehlen, who had his Twitter account suspended after posting a series of outrageous tweets in recent weeks. Nehlen has used the racist and anti-semitic posting to help his campaign raise funds and, in turn, pay his wife a salary.

“Paul Nehlen is not a member of the Republican Party of Wisconsin," GOP spokesman Alec Zimmerman said. "Nehlen and his ideas have no place in the Republican Party.”  

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester), who lives in the 1st Congressional District currently held by Ryan, was even more blunt. 

"I didn't read all of (Nehlen's) comments. But it looks to me like he's a racist bigot," said Vos, a longtime Ryan supporter.