Friday, February 23rd

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates, from left: Rebecca Dallet, Timothy Burns and Michael Screnock.(Photo: submitted photos)

MADISON – More than half the money Supreme Court candidate Michael Screnock raised in the first five weeks of the year — almost $111,000 — came from the state Republican Party.

A report the Sauk County judge filed late Monday showed he'd received far more from the state party than what was revealed in a report he'd filed over the weekend, which included more than $31,000 he'd recently received from the GOP. 

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The fuller report showed Screnock raised about $201,000 from Jan. 1 to Feb. 5, with nearly $111,000 of it coming from the state Republican Party. The subsequent party donation means he's now taken in more than $142,000 from the GOP in what is nominally a nonpartisan race.