Sunday, October 22nd

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Kevin Nicholson (left), and Leah Vukmir (right) are Republican candidates for U.S. Senate.(Photo: Michael Sears)Buy Photo

Well, that didn't take long.

Less than two months after entering the race for U.S. Senate, Leah Vukmir suggested this week that her Republican rival Kevin Nicholson run for another office and gain experience before making a bid for high office. 

Maybe Nicholson, 39, should consider running for state Assembly or Senate, she said.

The Journal Sentinel obtained a tape of Vukmir's comments that she made during an appearance Monday before Republican activists in Manitowoc.

Vukmir, 59, a state senator from Brookfield, is campaigning on her experience in helping craft Wisconsin's conservative agenda over the past decade. Nicholson — a Delafield businessman, Marine veteran and former Democrat — is billing himself as a political outsider.

On Monday, Vukmir offered her most pointed criticisms of her opponent so far when an audience member asked her if she knew much about Nicholson.

She said they had stumped together in various places, and she spoke highly of his service as a Marine.