Saturday, February 22nd


MADISON - Thousands of visitors and residents across the state could indulge in Wisconsin's favorite pastime until just before dawn during the Democrats' national convention under legislation Assembly lawmakers plan to pass next week. 

Bars statewide could stay open until 4 a.m. during mid-July when the Democratic Party will host its national convention in Milwaukee to nominate its presidential candidate to challenge President Donald Trump. 

Gov. Tony Evers has promised to sign the measure but bill author Rep. Rob Swearingen, R-Rhinelander, said Thursday he has no idea whether the proposal will make it through the state Senate first.

"I can't imagine that the Senate wouldn't back this idea because it helps the businesses in Milwaukee — it's not like we're helping out the Democrats," Swearingen said, referring to Senate Republicans. None have added their name to the proposal as of Thursday.  

The proposal advanced Thursday also abandons — for now — an effort to require owners of barns that are rented for events to obtain liquor licenses or a permit before serving alcohol.