Saturday, December 14th


Prescott High School civics teacher Jeff Ryan, right, introduces Gov. Tony Evers to his students on Nov. 22.(Photo: Prescott School District)

Jeff Ryan got his first teaching job in 1989. That year, he started writing letters.

He wrote to U.S. presidents, members of Congress, Wisconsin governors and state lawmakers. For three decades, he's been inviting the people who make the policies he and his students study to visit Prescott High School.  

But it wasn't until last month that a Wisconsin governor agreed to do so, Ryan said.

"I've gotten responses but they’re usually in the form of a form letter ... kind of a polite way of saying we’re not coming," the civics teacher joked.

On Nov. 22, Gov. Tony Evers said yes. 

"I've never done an aerial cartwheel before but I came close," Ryan said about the phone call he received about a month ago to accept his invitation.