Tuesday, October 22nd


U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore contends her colleagues should consider bringing U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson before the House Intelligence Committee as part of its impeachment inquiry because he asked President Donald Trump in August about withholding aid to Ukraine.   

And the Milwaukee Democrat is also making the case for getting rid of Trump by having his own cabinet invoke the U.S. Constitution's 25 Amendment. The amendment allows the vice president to take over if a majority of the cabinet deems the president incapacitated. 

"This man is an authoritarian. He's a totalitarian," Moore told reporters Wednesday in Milwaukee. "Impeachment can't come quickly enough and I would love to see the 25th Amendment invoked right now."

In an interview, Moore said Johnson may need to be interviewed as part of the House's impeachment inquiry because he was alerted in August that nearly $400 million in aid to Ukraine was being withheld because Trump wanted the country to launch an investigation that would help him politically.