Tuesday, October 22nd


Gov. Tony Evers speaks with reporters at an event in Madison, Wis. Sept. 24, 2019.(Photo: Scott Bauer, Associated Press)

MADISON - Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has designated the second Monday of each October to honor indigenous people — a state observance that will coincide with the federal Columbus Day.

Evers created Indigenous People's Day through an executive order, years after students at Indian Community School in Franklin began petitioning lawmakers to do so.

“Native Americans in Wisconsin and throughout our country have suffered unjust treatment — often at the hands of our government — and today is about recognizing that Wisconsin would not be all that it is without Indigenous people," Evers said in a statement.  

Evers signed the order at Indian Community School in Franklin, where students began advocacy for the day three years ago.

Wisconsin is home to 12 native nations — 11 of which are federally recognized.