Sunday, June 16th

Environmental DNA of six Asian carp was recently detected in Lake Calumet on the far south side of Chicago, a few miles from Lake Michigan, but subsequent testing has not turned up any actual carp.   

This silver carp was caught in the Illinois Waterway below T.J. O’Brien Lock and Dam, approximately nine miles away from Lake Michigan. The Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee says an autopsy shows the 4-year-old male silver carp originated in the Illinois/Middle Mississippi watershed. That would suggest the carp somehow evaded three electric barriers 37 miles from the lake.(Photo: Associated Press)

The discovery of genetic material of silver and bighead carp is the latest found in recent years in Lake Calumet, which is about five miles from Lake Michigan. 

Bighead and silver carp have infested the Mississippi and Illinois rivers, and scientists believe that if the fish establish themselves in Lake Michigan and the other lakes, they could edge out native Great Lakes fish and threaten a $7 billion fishing industry.