Tuesday, May 21st

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A Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin clinic in Milwaukee that opened on South 7th Street in 2017.(Photo: Michael Sears / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

MADISON - Republicans in the state Assembly on Wednesday passed a slate of bills aimed at further restricting access to abortions while some are also backing legislation that would make birth control easier to get.   

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and at least three Republican lawmakers are backing legislation that would allow pharmacists to prescribe hormonal birth control.

"It’s a little out there for our caucus — usually we don’t venture into things like this," bill co-author Rep. Joel Kitchens of Sturgeon Bay said, acknowledging some Republicans' moral opposition to contraceptives. "But it really follows our principle of limited government." 

In Wisconsin, hormonal birth control is only available through a doctor's prescription — a barrier Republican lawmakers proposing the bill say is artificial given birth control cannot become addictive or requires a doctor's oversight.