Saturday, November 28th

There are plenty of invasive species in Wisconsin — and I’m not talking about those who live in the cheesehead state and have the audacity to root for those Nordic invaders from Minnesota or the Ursidae sloth from the flatland.

These are botanical invaders who take over gardens, ditches, yards and if left unchecked would no doubt someday show up even on the frozen tundra in Green Bay’s Lambeau Field.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources calls them terrestrial invasives that “affect the health of our forests, prairies, parks, urban landscapes and more.” The DNR maintains a website that lists a plethora of plants that are regulated — 64 of them with glorious living color photos.

Some of those plants are prohibited anywhere in Wisconsin — like kudzu or giant hogweed. Others like Canada thistle — which is allegedly the next tariff target — purple loosestrife or wild parsnip are restricted because they are already established in the state and have the potential to cause significant environmental harm.