Thursday, July 27th

The Black River Falls girls basketball team traveled to Blackhawk territory and came out victorious over Viroqua 45-29.

Going into the half, the teams remained fairly even with each other as only two points separated BRF from Viroqua, but an explosive second half from the Tigers provided them with a 16-point win.

Statistically the teams stayed fairly close having a similar shot accuracy and rebounds, but Black River Falls was able to create the separation simply by putting up more shots than the Blackhawks.

BRF fired off 54 shots during the game whereas the Blackhawks were only able to rattle off 38 shots.

The Tigers were also helped by their efficiency at the free throw line making 13 out of their 20 shots, comparatively the Blackhawks only made 4 out of their 18 free throws.