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The Kinnard dairy farm in Kewaukee County milks 6,500 dairy cattle through a CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operations). The county has a problem with contaminated wells but the Kinnards say their precise manure measurement prevents run-off. Rick Wood/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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From left, Amanda Hintz and Michelle Schmitt feed day-old calves at the Kinnard dairy farm in Kewaunee County.(Photo: Rick Wood, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)Buy Photo

Town of Lincoln - Lee Kinnard’s new barn stretches the length of six football fields. It’s so big he once flew a drone inside to get a bird’s eye view of all the cows.

The family farm milks 6,500 cows in Kewaunee County, where the cattle population has grown faster than anywhere in the state.

Since 1983, cattle numbers in the county have jumped by 62% to 97,000 at a time when the statewide cattle population has tumbled by 20%, according to the state agriculture department.