Along with all the issues of growing older, we humans deal with the color of our hair changing. Not all at once, of course, but somewhere in our age forties or earlier a few smatterings of gray pop up.

For some it is so gradual and few that a trip to the hair care and color aisle at the local grocery store is enough to fool even the sharpest of eyes. Eventually when they multiply we gals generally have our most important person in our lives, our hairdresser, color them. The guys do sometimes try a little cover up here and there I guess but the men I know seem to just let their hair go gray.

It is a battle of what to do when you feel your age doesn’t reflect your hair color. I have colored my hair every shade of nature and beyond. I remember quite a few years back, a very white-haired Toddy Porath telling me that her hair used to be as dark as mine.

The Melrose-Mindoro football team had a list of goals coming into the 2016 season.

Friday night’s shutout victory over Whitehall helped check a key one off the list.

The Mustangs’ 37-0 win gave the team its first outright Dairyland Conference title since 2003 and its second in a row after sharing the honor last season.

“It’s quite an honor,” Mel-Min head coach Tory Lockington said. “These kids worked hard.”

Mel-Min started scoring in the home game with a 15-yard touchdown play from Sam Boone to Erik Christopherson to go up 7-0 in the first quarter and then added a 1-yard run from Boone in the second to go up 13-0. Boone completed an 18-yard pass play to Christopherson for TD later in the second to take a 20-0 lead into halftime.

Victor Ponterio kicked a 41-yard field goal in the third to give the Mustangs a 23-0 lead and Boone completed a 19-yard TD pass to Eli Aasen to go up 30-0.

The Melrose-Mindoro girls cross country team wanted a Dairyland Conference title this season, and they surged in the final stretches of last week’s conference meet to achieve the feat.

The Lady Mustangs scored 45 points to come in ahead of second-place Cochrane-Fountain City (55) at the meet held at Eleva-Strum Thursday. The title marks the girls team’s fourth in a row and ninth of the past 11 years.

“On the girls side, anything but first just wasn’t going to be acceptable for them, so we came in with some pretty high expectations as a team and individually,” Mel-Min head coach Anthony Stelter said. “The girls were expecting a tight score at the end, and for most of the race it looked to be shaping up for just that. When it came to the finish though, they made it well known how much they wanted to win, with most of them passing a runner or two in the final half mile for a more comfortable than expected 10-point victory.

As I sat down to write this column, I looked back at things I’ve written about October. Seven years ago this week, I wrote the following words that I called October Stirrings:

“Bright shining sun, warm October days, geese flying south ... calling to me, “Come join us. Lift your wings and break free. Fly high with us.

But I can’t fly. I’m imprisoned ... here in the city. I watch and listen while the winds of October keep calling me ... beckoning me to follow.

My Spirit cannot run free, here within these city walls. It longs for the country ... clouds, sunsets, quiet spots, country roads and wildlife.

Perhaps one day these October stirrings will burst forth, and I will break the bonds that chain me here. I will lift my wings and find that I can fly.

I will leave the confinement and congestion of the city behind and never look back.

The Lincoln football team ended the season on a high note with a victory over Augusta Friday.

The Hornets got the 20-6 win on the road to close out 2016.

“It was nice to end the season on a high note with the 20-6 win at Augusta,” Lincoln head coach Bill Schulte said. “We had a positive effort as a team, which shows up in the stats for a few, but the pride should be shared by all.”

Lincoln took a lead with just under 2 minutes, 50 seconds remaining in the first quarter with a 1-yard running touchdown from Zach Sheffer, and a two-point conversion pass from Jarod Boyer to Sheffer was good to extend the margin to 8-0.

The Hornets went up 14-0 with a 36-yard pass play from Boyer to Sheffer for a TD with 10:47 left in the second, and they took that lead into halftime.