• Black River Falls, Wisconsin
    Black River Falls, Wisconsin
  • Deer Capital of Wisconsin
    Deer Capital of Wisconsin

    Wisconsin is recognized as one of the premier deer hunting states in the nation as Wisconsin is home to a thriving deer herd and Jackson County has earned the title "Deer Capital of Wisconsin" for it's large deer population and harvest over the years.

  • ATV Trails
    ATV Trails

    Jackson County has some of the most popular ATV trails in the Midwest. Over 100 miles of trails wind through the scenic Black River State Forest and Jackson County Forest. All trails are clearly marked. No "off-trail" riding is permitted in Jackson County.

  • Karner Blue Butterfly Festival
    Karner Blue Butterfly Festival

    The Karner Blue Butterfly Festival in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, celebrates the endangered Karner Blue butterfly, which is indigenous to the Black River Falls area. The festival is held annually on the 3rd Saturday in July.

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Fake hostage, bomb threat under investigation

An individual recently called the local police department to report he’d taken two people hostage at gunpoint and was holding them in a Black River Falls residence wired with explosives.

The individual, who said he was a local juvenile, said he was armed with an assault rifle and that the Third Street home would detonate in one hour if police didn’t turn over $20,000.

BRF officers quickly assembled to prepare for the incident and the Jackson County Emergency Response Team also was called to assist at the scene.

But it was all a hoax.

The Oct. 12 incident has been deemed a case of “swatting,” a trend growing in popularity that involves calling in false bomb and hostage situations that draw law enforcement and SWAT team responses, said BRF Interim Police Chief Pat LaBarbera.

The BRF incident, like other cases of swatting, is a drain on time and resources and poses safety concerns for law enforcement and the public, said Jackson County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Mark Moan.

People need to be held accountable.


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High turnout expected for election

Election officials are expecting a high voter turnout in next week’s General Election that will feature races for governor, Congress and state senators and representatives.

Locally voters also will weigh in on a $22. 5 million Black River Falls School District building and improvement project.

Based on the number of calls of people wanting to vote absentee, I would expect we will have a big turnout for the General Election,” said Jackson County Clerk Kyle Deno.

The last Wisconsin fall election that featured a gubernatorial race was in 2010 when the typically Democrat-supportive Jackson County favored its first Republican governor in 12 years. The county saw 44 percent of eligible voters and 64 percent of registered voters come out to help elect Gov.


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City still mulling police options

City officials remain in the midst of considering whether to keep the Black River Falls Police Department or disband the force and contract with Jackson County for law enforcement.

Black River Falls has been mulling the options as it looks for potential budget savings and although there isn’t a set timeframe for making the decision, Mayor Ron Danielson said it would be ideal to have it complete by Jan. 1, 2015.

The city still is considering a sheriff’s department’s proposal for 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week law enforcement in addition to proposals from the local police union, which has submitted three more options since initial estimates were solicited earlier this fall.

City Administrator Brad Chown said at last week’s Committee of the Whole meeting that he may schedule a public informational hearing before the city council makes a formal decision and said the city needs to do its “homework.

We need to make sure we do our homework and make sure we’ve given the public enough time to be heard,” he told the committee.

Outgoing Alderperson Amber Hackman urged the city to make the call as soon as it can because many, including current police department staff’s families, are in “limbo” as jobs either will be kept or cut.

There’s a lot of questions for a lot of people hanging in the balance,” said the now-resigned Hackman, who served in her last meeting at Committee of the Whole last week.

Remember there’s a lot of people waiting for a decision.

BRF Police Officer Tom Cooper said the union has been working to lower department costs in its proposals, even combining some investigative duties into the police chief position, which also has been pegged for part-time hours under union proposals.


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